Selected Upcoming and Recent Classes:

(Upcoming and most recent listed first)

Philosophy of Nature (2022-2023 T2; Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Environment in Philosophy and Arts (2022-2023 T2; CUHK, HK)
History of Western Philosophy I (2022-2023 T1; CUHK, HK)
Philosophy and Human Life (2022-2023 T1; CUHK, HK)
Introduction to Philosophy (2021-2022 T1; CUHK, HK)
Healthcare Ethics (2020-2021 T2; Camosun College, Canada)
Existentialism (2020-2021 T1; University of Windsor, Canada)
Introduction to Ethics and Social Philosophy (2020-2021 T1; University of PEI, Canada)