Texts, power point slides, video recordings, or audio recordings are available for many of the presentations listed below. Contact me directly for further information.


2022. Evolution and Esthesiology: Seeing the Eye through Merleau-Ponty’s Nature and Logos Lectures. Presented at the Australian Society for Continental Philosophy 2022 Conference. Melbourne, Australia. November 30.

2022. Hatha Yoga. Invited talk to the Mysticism Circle, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. September 29.

2022. Merleau-Ponty’s Esthesiology in Light of Recent Evolutionary Anthropology. Invited talk to the Philosophy of Humanity, Culture, and Ethics research group, Department of Philosophy, Tilburg University. Tilburg, Netherlands. June 16.

2022. “Humanity Is Another Corporeity.” Merleau-Ponty on Human Morphology and Social Perception. Invited talk at the workshop Perceiving Together. Cologne, Germany. June 6-7.

2022. Embodiment, Disembodiment, Reembodiment: Insights from Phenomenology and Postural Yoga. Presented at Phenomenology and Mindfulness. Nicosia, Cyprus. June 1-3.

2022. Grammar and Ontology: Merleau-Ponty on Linguistic Relativism. Presented at The Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle Fifteenth Annual Meeting. Tallinn, Estonia. May 12-14.

2022. From Encountering Other Languages to the Language of Phenomenology: Merleau-Ponty and the Problem of Speech. Invited presentation at the CUHK Department of Philosophy webinar series. April 11.

2022. Unsymbolized Thinking? A Reinterpretation Through the Horizonality of Linguistic Experience. Invited presentation at the Monthly Phenomenology webinar series. March 11.

2021. “We all have plague”: The ethical and existential insights overlooked in the covid-era discussions of Camus’ The Plague. Invited presentation at the University of Prince Edward Island Philosophy Speaker Series. Frederickton, Canada. March 19.

2020. The Child’s Creation of Language. Invited Guest Speaker presentation at The Poetics of Phenomenology. Tübingen, Germany. December 3-5.

2020. Horizons of the Word. Invited presentation at the Cognição & Linguagem webinar series. October 13. (Video available online)

2020. Tran Duc Thao’s “Sur l’Indochine” (1946). Invited presentation at the Fordham Francophone Philosophy Reading Group. New York, USA. February 19.

2019. “In Infancy, the Child Is Attracted to Language”: Merleau-Ponty on the Social-Affective Origins of Speech. Presented at Peruvian Circle of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics 2019 conference: Phenomenology and Hermeneutics of Emotion. Lima, Peru. November 20-22.

2019. Affectivity, Motivation, and the Origins of Human Language. Presented at Phenomenology Today: Contemporary Problems in Phenomenology in the Face of the 21st Century. Santiago, Chile. November 5.

2019. Horizons of the Word: Words and Tools in Perception and Action. Invited presentation at the Phänomenologische Werkstatt of Doshisha University. Kyoto, Japan. October 4, 2019.

2019. Horizons of the Word: On the Phenomenology of Perceiving and Understanding Speech. Presented at The Center for Subjectivity Research of the University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark. February 26.

2018. Horizonte des Wortes: Zur Phänomenologie der Wahrnehmung und des Verstehens der Sprache. Presented at Phänomenologische Werkstatt of the Husserl Archives. Cologne, Germany. December 4.

2018. Pointing the Way to Social Cognition: A Phenomenological Approach to Embodiment, Imitation, Pointing, and Social Cognition in the First Year. Presented at Dienstagskolloquium of the Workgroup for Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy. Heidelberg, Germany. November 20.

2018. Sense-Making from the Top Down: Phenomenology and Naturalism in Enactivism. Presented at the Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Congress. Montreal, QC, Canada. June 4.

2018. The Significance of First-Language Acquisition for Phenomenology and Philosophy of Language. Presented at the New York University Child Language Lab. New York, NY. April 23.

2018. Language as Bodily Gesture: From Perception and Action to Speech. Public talk at YHouse Consciousness Club. New York, NY. April 18. (Report by Carrie Sun)

2018. Phenomenological Naturalism and the Metaphysics of Consciousness. Presented at the YHouse Cognition Lunch Salon at the Princeton University Institute of Advanced Studies Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. Princeton, NJ. February 15.

2018. Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenological Reduction in The Structure of Behavior: An Alternative Approach to the Naturalization of Phenomenology. Presented at Opening Up Phenomenology. New York, NY. February 13.

2017. Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, and First Language Acquisition. Presented at the New York University Child Language Lab. New York, NY. December 12.

2017. From Discord to Dialectic: Husserlian and Merleau-Pontian Approaches to Naturalization. Presented at the Annual Conference of The Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences. Memphis, TN. October 19-21.

2017. Phenomenology and Naturalism in Enactivism. Invited talk at University of Montreal graduate level seminar on enactivism. Montreal, QC, Canada. October 17.

2017. Defending Enactivism’s Phenomenological Heritage: Merleau-Ponty on Sense-Making. Presented at The World in Us: Gestalt Structure, Phenomenology, and Embodied Cognition. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. July 7-9. (Video available online)

2016. A Question of Method: Searle on the Logical Analysis of Linguistic Intentionality. Presented at MiLAct 2016: Newton Fund Conference on the Philosophies of Mind, Language, and Action. Sao Paulo University, Sao Paulo, Brazil. September 22.

2016. Does Phenomenology Have the Resources to Illuminate and Describe the Phenomenon of Language? Presented at Cross-Disciplinary Phenomenology: A Readiness for the Questionable. University of Canterbury, Canterbury, UK. June 24.

2016. On the Neurophenomenology of Inner Time Consciousness. Presented at Alexander von Humboldt Association of Canada 2016 Kolleg: Time. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., Canada. May 7.

2015. On the Phenomenology and Neuroscience of Speech and Gesture: The Relevance of Phenomenology for the Empirical Sciences of Mind. Presented at Atlantic Regional Philosophers’ Association 2015 Annual Meeting: The Relevance of Philosophy. University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada. October 31.

2015. Platonic and Aristotelian Influences in the Philosophy of Language and Linguistics: A Case for the Priority of the Cratylus. Presented at The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association Fall 2015 Symposium: Plato and/or Aristotle: The Legacy. Dominican University College, Ottawa, Ont., Canada. October 17.

2014. Cartesian Atavisms and Phenomenological Anticipations: Husserl Reads Lotze’s Logic. Presented at North American Society for Early Phenomenology 2013 Conference: Early Influences of Phenomenology. Boston College, Boston, MA. April 4.

2013. Lotze and Husserl on Skepticism. Presented at A Century of Anglophone Phenomenology: Winthrop Bell and his Milieu. Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB, Canada. June 4 – 6.